Business Listing app


Business Listing app is a user-friendly business listing app that simplifies the process of discovering local businesses and services. With a vast directory, detailed listings, and features like map integration and customer reviews, users can easily find and connect with businesses in their area. Additionally, businesses can manage their profiles to showcase their offerings, making it a convenient platform for both consumers and business owners.



Team Size


3 Months


Technical Stack

Technology ASP.NET Core Identity ASP.NET Core Web API SQL server core Automapper Hangfire or Quartz.NET Entity Framework Core (EF Core)
Tools Visual Studio Live Share SQL Server Management Studio Postman Azure DevOps Swagger UI Google Analytics



Business Listing app encounters several challenges in its mission to streamline the process of discovering local businesses. These include ensuring data accuracy amidst the dynamic nature of businesses, motivating user engagement to leave reviews and update information, and developing a sustainable monetization strategy that benefits both users and businesses. Additionally, competition from established platforms and directories poses a hurdle, alongside the necessity of maintaining a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. Safeguarding user data and compliance with data protection regulations are paramount, as is convincing businesses, especially smaller ones, to claim and update their listings. Addressing these challenges requires strategic planning, continuous improvement, and a focus on providing value to both users and businesses to solidify Business Listing app's position in the competitive business listing market.


To address challenges, Business Listing app can implement strategic solutions. Ensuring data accuracy requires automated verification systems, while incentivizing user engagement can be achieved through rewards or exclusive offers. Developing a sustainable monetization strategy involves exploring revenue streams like premium listings or targeted advertising. Standing out amidst competition involves focusing on unique features or partnerships. Providing a seamless user experience requires continuous testing and feedback collection. Safeguarding user data requires robust security measures and compliance with regulations. Convincing businesses to update listings can be achieved through targeted outreach and educational resources. Preventing fake reviews and spam necessitates stringent moderation processes and user verification mechanisms. These solutions can help Business Listing app overcome challenges and establish itself as a trusted resource for local businesses and users.